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31 May 2013 - Busy 2 months. The car is coming along and is almost race ready. Engine sounds good but we wont know till race day. No worst then 2010 ;). Tires are on the rims which I painted red. Very much looking forward to this coming race weekend.

01 Apr 2013 - I did not make my goal of getting the engine in the car. Family time at Easter out weighted the FIAT engine build. That said Saturday was productive. I had to replace the clutch pilot bearing. Process went well.

29 Mar 2013 - Happy Easter. It has been a productive few days. I feel like I'm back in the game. My wife has been very understanding and letting me get out of the garage by 7pm most nights. I've been working till 10pm most nights. 11pm last night. 25th tow hook setup. 26th I did the piston install. That too went really well My hands were tired from cranking the ring compressor. 27th I did the oil pan clean up. It had paint on the inside. And last night (28th) I painted the header and cleaned all the oil seal covers. Today I should be able to get a lot done as well. If I keep this up I might be able to drop the engine in and fire it up by Monday.

24 Mar 2013 - What a great weekend. Header, down pipe and main pipe all married together again. I hope it has been worth all this effort.

20 Mar 2013 - Vick Autosport came throught. 84.4mm piston rings. I finally can finish my race motor and get on with the build.

15 Mar 2013 - Forcing myself to enter updates but sometimes it can be exhausting. Ok bad joke but good progress in the garage last night. I managed to finally weld in the wider section of down tube on the header. Also repaired the #4 pipe on the to the block. It had cracked again. Did get the flange alignment all wrong but it was only tacked into place. I will clean that up and have it all setup by the end of the weekend.

13 Mar 2013 - Hello and welcome back. I've been a lousy content creator. But I'm getting back into a groove. First thing to talk about is Enigne2. I screwed up and over gaped my first set of ring and from there it has been a supplier nightmare. I ordered a replacement but they sent me a set of 84.00 instead of the 84.4mm ones I had asked for. Awating work from another supplier but I admit I've become annoyed.

19 Oct 2012 - Back to my site.

10 Mar 2012 - March is here and I'm betting back into the swing of things. Wiped out on the ice in Feb just after my arm had come back to me. So took another month to recover. But now back at the tasks. Passenger side is done and now I'm onto the engine work.

07 Feb 2012 - This is a little overdue. THANK YOU Jim Scurria. Jim races a 124 in the US and sent me a panhard bar with hiem-joints. JIM YOU ROCK. It has been a busy few week. The FIAT is coming along. Tonight I finished up the driver front make over. Learned a lot which will make the other side go fast. Then onto the rear end followed by engine work.

03 Jan 2012 - So we begin prepping for season #3 here at 2011 made 2010 look like a fairy tale. Bumps and bruises all around. So I hope 2012 will bring more progress and speed. See you in June.

18 Sept 2011 - Temblant here I come. Yes ladies and gents team is going racing 1 more time in 2011. Laura surprised me. Lesson here is always have the car ready to race. I've been scrambling to get her setup, but pretty close to being ready. Photos from Saturday's prepping. Mont Tremblant 2011 Fall Classic Race Notes. See you there. Ordered some new mirrors from Pegasus Racing as well. And some other goodies for over the winter upgrades.

02 Sept 2011 - So summer is almost gone. Mosport 2011 was not a great outing. I don't want to talk about it :). The recovery has been slow and I'm not sure I will even make it to Mont Tremblant. I've been on course all week and still have another week to go. Very time consuming. The car has been a subject of focus as I try and tune the suspension. Still need to do an alignment. So who knows if I will race again in 2011.

05 June 2011 - Two wonderful years of FIAT race car fun. Yep this time 2 years ago in 2009 Andrew and I we're bombing down to NY State to pick up my FIAT. In 2010 the FIAT was almost race ready for her first go. And in 2011 we're just about ready for our 3rd race. Way to go FIAT.

26 May 2011 - Fired the car up tonight. No leaks at least a idle with some limit revs. Looks like changing the oil pressure warning sensor over to a longer pipe helped. Warning lights are done and I put an independent switch in for the accusump. Every time I turned on the acc to check the gauges it would pump out its oil. Catch can has been relocated to the other side of the car and I did confirm the alt is charging just got to get to her 4K for it to kick over. Just a few more jobs plus a bath and I think we're ready. I want to work on the trailer very shortly too.

06 May 2011 - Only a few weeks till the June race. I need to make some serious advancements on the oil system, bleed the brakes and some minor jobs. Should be ok, but who knows. Eh this time back in 2009 I was working on buying the car.

23 Apr 2011 - On going upgrades to the oil system. A little frustrating to find the right setup, but need to ensure its done right the first time.

04 Apr 2011 - Springtime and I'm already behind on my projects. Alt swap has started, but reviled some issues. Water hose clearance and pulley differences. Looks like I'll be running 2 belts 24" for the inner crank pulley to the alt and a 27" belt for the water pump. The swing between the pulleys is too great so 2 belts will cure that issue until I can find a new pulley for the water pump. Subject to change naturally. Also started work on a a new exhaust system. Cost me $60 so not bad. It should make a nice rumble. Once I get the belts sorted and finish the down-pipe to header work I can fire her up again. So many things to do before the first race in June. Oil system with accusump, wheel studs, brakes and shocks. Yikes.

03 Dec 2010 - What a year friends. That is all I have to say. A successful race school, a wonderful first race at Mosport in June and a bonus event at Mont Tremblant in September. I finished 16th overall in my class, but whose counting :). My wife and family have been so supportive. My friends outstanding. So I thank you all. Each and everyone of you. 2011 will be a verification year. June at Mosport and Sept at Mont Tremblant. I will do the oil upgrades to the car now that the Miller Mule alt mount is here. We're also planning brake pad upgrades, new hoses and some bushings. Should all me to gain a little more out of the car. Not to mention I'll stop short shifting at 6K. Love my FIAT.

10 Oct 2010 - I've been a bad web dude. Two races and no updates here.

Mont Tremblant Wonderful race track and my big 35th birthday weekend. The FIAT loves this track. We'll be back next year.

Mosport My first race weekend. The car and I bonded. The results speak to how good the FIAT is.

23 May 2010 - The long weekend is proving itself handy. Getting house stuff done, playing with the family and the FIAT is running again. Still a lot of checking and jobs to do, but its coming along.

16 May 2010 - Lets go racing. Sent in my entry to the VARAC Fest. Wiring is almost done, but the fuel pump packed it in. Using the spare, but I will have to replace it with a Facet Red Top soon if the budget allows. Earlier this week I bought a HANS device too. Majority of my budget this year is going towards setup and safety.

08 May 2010 - Its been a very exciting and busy few weeks for the family. We're moving. More to follow on that. At the end of April I took my MCO race school. I'm doing the write up describing my experience at the school. I passed and now have my B Class (novice) license. Stupid excited by the next few months.

21 March 2010 - Busy weekend. Fuel system is plumbed in and its just electrical. Working on the dash and tow hooks. My basic plan is to rough in all the systems then I can pull everything back for clean up and paint over the next 2 weeks. Still need to do the B post caps too. Lots to do, but its going really well.

12 March 2010 - Lots going on in March. Medical this weekend, put the cap on the pass side roll cage plate. Will do the drivers side next. Fuel cell stuff going well too.

01 March 2010 - Pegasus Auto Racing arrived today. Placed the order on Thursday night. It shipped on Friday. Nice stuff. I now have the pieces I need to plumb the fuel, oil and electrical system. Time to get busy.

27 Feb 2010 - 9 hours and 850KM later I own a trailer. Its a little rough, but it should clean up nicely.

17 Feb 2010 - Race license stuff in the works. Booked my medical in March and also will be running a track day at Calabogie Motorsports Park before the MCO Race School. A MCO instructor friend has offered to coach me on that day. So it will gives me a chance to learn CMP ahead of the race school weekend. Does eat into my race budget for this year, but will help ensure I get a "PASS" for my race licence.

17 Feb 2010 - Went to work or at least roughed out the fuel cell. I have an idea of what I want to do. I will use the 1.5" bars to support the 1" bar cradle and strap it down. Hope to cut the floor out this week.

14 Feb 2010 - So the racer was tig'd and mig'd over the weekend. Jeff worked his magic and rocked out the tig work while showing me all kinds of awesome tricks. So I will box the main plates and paint it. I'm thinking white.

10 Feb 2010 - So its been a busy few weeks. The cage is pretty well tacked in. The car goes to the welder this week. I'm feeling the effort, but I'm beat :). Laura has been really supportive. More or less I've been working from 8PM to 10PM. Once the cage is done I will do the cockpit clean up/paint, redo the wiring, do the dash and oh yeah the fuel cell.

26 Jan 2010 - After a long day Dad and I met and went to work on the harness bar. Turned out well. I cut the passenger side door bars and will notch and install them shortly.

24 Jan 2010 - Laura ordered me all of Burt S. Levy's four novels from Chapters this morning. What a wonderful wife. Got them on sale for $87 CND with free shipping.

23 Jan 2010 - The Last Open Road by B.S. Levy. Great stuff. I picked up his first and forth book from the Ottawa Library last week. Almost done #1, but was told by friends to read them in order. I'll have to source #2 &3. Still wonderful way to kill the 45min bus ride.

17 Jan 2010 - We started bending the lower door bar. Went very well.

11 Jan 2010 - Cut/notched the upper and lower front members. Got the driver side A pillar located. So next I'll square everything up and do some tacks then do the rear braces. Finally task will be the doors, gussets and over head protection. Right weeks of work still.

04 Jan 2010 - Sorting out the things that need to be done vs bought. Laura and I had a budget talk and I have a goal to work this a leaner budget for 2010, but I still have to get all the main things bought and installed.

- Cage, floor patches, paint cabin, race seat and harness
- Fuel cell install and exhaust welding
- Wheel studs
- Engine belt change
- Oil System with Accusump & Oil Cooler
- Hood pins
- New dash layout and wiring
- Adjust suspension. Replace suspension bolts for pass side
- Fluids changed for race prep (Engine, Trans, Diff, Brakes & Rad)

01 Jan 2010 - 2009 Summary. Its been an interesting year for sure. Buying the FIAT, bringing her home and then setting to work to bring the car up to spec. 2010 focus will be busy with all the new parts and pieces. Getting the car squared away, my race school and finally a run at Mosport in June. Maybe CMP in July.

26 Dec 2009 - MCO Race School is booked. Merry Christmas baby.

19 Dec 2009 - Steve Smith of the GT6 fame sent me a little something. With the new filter I've adjusted my oil system hose requirements. I had considered switching to -8AN, but wll stick to the recommened -10AN hoses. Even with the 1/2" filter, cooler and 3/8" engine block plate the -10AN is the way to go.

17 Dec 2009 - The cage work is under way. I hope to keep the progress going. I also have started the ground work for the new oil system. Once the cage is done I'll get the oil stuff order and also take care of the fuel cell install. Lots of hose and connectors required. Rock & roll baby.

28 Nov 2009 - Roll bar is removed and now up for sale. The cage will start once I remove all the plates and repair the areas. Can't wait to get it done. Something new. Other news Luis Losada from Portugal who races a 1968 FIAT 124 Sedan emailed me the other day. Very nice machines. Love the colour.

08 Nov 2009 - Odd day for playing. I needed the wrench time after the week I had. Sorted a few issues. Starting. It appears it was the ground cable to body connection. I cleaned it and topped the battery off. Then adjusted the dizzy. I will do a full static timing shortly and swap the belt out too. Anyhow she runs again. I'm working with the accusump too. Cleaned it the other day and put some air into it. Its holding pressure. Found out the valve control is magnetic too. I cleaned all of that up. Paint test, some crappy welding and so on.

01 Nov 2009 - Oct was a busy / $$$ month. Got the accusump and found a transponder. For Nov I need to strick off a few items on my todo list. I want to get the welding done while the weather is still decent and I can work outside. So the roll bar should be done this month. I want to sort the seat out too. Here is a none "solid" work list. I will aslo do another engine compression test. Warm it up and then pull all the plugs out and then do the test.

- Exhaust weld - Nov
- Suspension bolts for pass side - Nov
- Fluid swap - Nov (Engine, Trans, Diff, Brakes)
- Roll Bar - Nov
- Weld patches - Nov
- Seat - Nov
- Fuel cell - Dec
- Wheel studs - Dec
- Belt change - Dec
- Accusump - Jan
- Oil Cooler - Jan
- Hood pins - Jan
- Finish wiring - Feb
- Adjust suspension - Mar
- Seat Belts - Mar

25 Oct 2009 - Did a quick cold compression test. I will do a warm test next time I get her out.

Cylinder 1 = 175
Cylinder 2 = 175
Cylinder 3 = 170
Cylinder 4 = 165 (Not certain the gauge was 100% tight so I think it would closer to 170)

I got the car running too. Replaced the fuel filter.

15 Oct 2009 - New video gallery page added. Also a little engine reving with the new webers.

14 Oct 2009 - Well it was a hectic weekend. My install job was wrong for the carbs. The gasket stuff was not proper and the coolant leaked into the intake. A mess. Removed everything. Flushed the rad and engine. Andrew dropped off a gasket and some proper compound. Tonight I installed the intake manifold with the improved gasket and better sealant. She ran. Oil looks clean. Ditto for the coolant. I'll do a filter and oil swap in a few days. While I was in there last night I patched up a firewall port. And today I took the saw too the fuel pipe. It was pinched. I am removing the alternator as well. The system is too unreliable. So I will get a new belt shortly for the water pump. I will have to buy a new battery before my first race. Or borrow the one from the GT6.

Today I stopped in at NAPA and order 2 timing belts. $25 a piece. I also grabbed 4 hood pins. Mr Gasket 1017's. Nothing special, but they will do the job.

10 Oct 2009 - Got outside and finished off the new carb install. Bolts on intake and water tight. New fuel in line and clamps (longer hose). New brake booster hose and clamps (longer) hose. Fuel return and manifold pressure out capped with screw 1/4" hose with sealant and clamps. Throttle linkage bent to fit. New plus .021 with anti seize. Overflow and coolant done. And guess what she fired right up. More work to follow.

09 Oct 2009 - We're moving forward. Fuel cell from ATL arrived. Now working towards the install. Roll bar is also being welded in. Working to present info in a better format so hang on. I am keeping on the budget mine. Hence me doing the roll bar. I will do a cage in the future. Still have so many items to buy. Transponder, neck device and the school in May. We are talking about an open trailer. Closed would be ideal for storage, but thinking small. And the tow vehicle will be just the same. Small simple, but powerful enough to handle hauling. Oh Andrew passed me something really nice.

30 Aug 2009 - August has been a hard month. Ups and downs. Not sure if I will be able to run in 2010. Still trying, but being very realistic. Issues I've found. Studs and wheels. Looks like the PO "bored" out a set of 100mm wheels to work with the FIAT's 98mm wheels. Only the holes are oval and not circles. Tossing them and will pull the studs out. Their replacements will longer (2.5") and I will go with open lugs. Roll bar. I bought plates and will run the bar for season one. Crunching the #'s I need a fuel cell and that's about it. I figure I could run 1 weekend in June 2010 including purchase of the fuel cell, race school and what not for around $2500. Fingers crossed.

31 July 2009 - News and thoughts. So roll bar is coming out. Doing a cage. The plates for the current setup are not to spec. Roll bar is too narrow anyhow. Talked to a friend from the MCO we will do the job this fall. I will also be buying a seat from Kirkey in Cornwall. 47 Series - Intermediate Road Race 18". I don't like the idea of spending all this money because it could affect me reaching my goal of racing in 2010, but safety is key 1.

09 July 2009 - Race clothing arrived today. And VARAC approved my number request. The FIAT is now recognized as car # 515. 515 stands for May 15th. The date Laura and I got married on. All in all a great day.

01 July 2009 - I guess I better update this page. I've been busy with the FIAT going over the work and making improvements. Currently working on the electrical system. Total redo to include a master cut off switch and the removal of the MSD box. I've been drilling and altering the dash to support the new hardware. I had Stu over to look at my roll bar. He is suggesting a whole new setup for my cage. That will have to wait. His quote was more then what I paid for the car. Been working hard to keep the costs down, but today I found a huge deal on my safety clothing. More about that when its in my hands.

08 June 2009 - A little internet attention today.

The Garage Blog by Gary Grant posted this awesome little article about the FIAT.

Then I was shown this one on Bring A Cheapest Racer Around: Vintage Fiat 124. Very cool day.

06 June 2009 - Video of engine start.

06 June 2009 - FIAT Owner. Made it home with the FIAT. Andrew really helped me on this one. We had to drive hard and race between the US borders to make it on time, but did it. Thank you so much Andrew. You truely enbody the spirt of vintage racing. I OWE YOU BIG TIME. I need to recover from the experince and prep the car for storage. But its a start of something cool.

03 June 2009 - Border authorities shut down Akwesasne crossing. Well I hope this is fixed fast! I did speak with the US border side and they said if the border was closed they would help by getting my docs in order, but I would have to cross elsewhere.

29 May 2009 - Title FedEx. Got confirmation the docs arrived at the border export office. I will call later in the week to confirm. Can't wait to see the FIAT in person.

25 May 2009 - Title Arrives. I will fill it all out and fire it off for EXPORT.

23 May 2009 - Bought a new domain and launched a new site to accompany the racing dream/journey.